Hello all

Now that I am retired I really enjoy Mondays! A little different from when I was a full-time working woman and Mondays meant another week to navigate my way through.

However, I will spare a thought for those of you ‘out there’  for whom it is the beginning of the working week and you have no choice but to make a start. I had a visit from a friend today who is around my age but who really enjoys working and is tired of her colleagues asking her when she is going to retire!

I have asked her this myself in the past, but just because it works for me doesn’t mean to say it works for her or for everyone else. Her husband is over 70 yrs and is still working, so why not? My friend is an amazing woman and very good at what she does. Each of us has our own path to follow and I wish her luck.

It is certainly nice to get a surprise visit from a friend who has some time off and comes for a cuppa and a chat. When I said I had to go and do my blogging, she asked what I was going to blog about and I replied honestly “I have no idea!!” Some days are like that. However, if I am baring my soul I have to add that I actually do have SOME idea. I am usually thinking about it from the time I get up.

What I discovered today when I was listening to the radio as I was repairing my dishevelled house, was  yesterday (March 11th) was World Plumbers Day. My immediate response was “Oh, how boring. What could you possibly say about that?!” I was confounded later on when I heard an interview with a Master Plumber and discovered how badly affected we would all be if we did not celebrate plumbers.

I googled and found a site dedicated to World Plumbers Day and the heading read: “PLUMBING – VITAL TO  GLOBAL HEALTH.”  The site stated that March 11th is an international day initiated by the World Plumbing Council. How so I wondered? The site gave me the answer:

“The aftermath of 2010’s devastating earthquake in Haiti and last year’s tsunami in Japan reveals how easy it is to take for granted the availability of safe drinking water and sufficient sanitation systems — until those systems cease to function properly. History shows that great leaps in humankind’s advancement — both physically and socially — have been tied to advances in plumbing technology.”

Of course, plumbing “is simply not a subject you would wish to bring up at a fancy dinner party! Just think about it for a moment. Is it something that is discussed easily? I think not. The Master Plumber I heard interviewed on the radio today said as much himself and then gave advice about the working of your toilet whilst trying to find the “right” words to describe certain actions.

One such word he used was: “droppings” where he could have used the “f” word perhaps? (Sssshh…faeces). It was really quite funny hearing him talk like this.  I loved the answer he gave the interviewer when asked how you would know you have a good plumber. He said you have to say to yourself: “If it doesn’t LEAK and doesn’t STINK, the plumber must have done something right!” But it did sound as if the plumber was discussing a toilet-trained dog!

Ben Stiller and Robert de Nero when the lie detector picked up Ben lying about flushing the toilet!

This reminds me of that crazy movie “Meet the Parents” which Geoff and I found so hilarious when we  first saw it at the movies. In it, the cat was trained to go to the toilet but under no circumstances was Greg (Ben Stiller) to flush the downstairs toilet after the cat or himself. Well he did and the house flooded. But the part where the beloved cat uses the toilet was over the top and then Greg lied into the bargain!!

Actually as I write this blog, I feel decided uncomfortable about this topic, given my reaction when I found out what day it was yesterday (and for some today). Isn’t that strange? I feel as if I am talking “toilet talk” as my mother used to call it! Or “toilet humour” was what she accused my Cockney father for talking at tea time when we were all gathered around the table.

But for us kids, we thought a lot of these “unmentionables” were hilarious and it was always innuendo and not straight outright discussion. Oh, how we giggled. You had to hear my father with his Cockney accent telling stories and he knew that he would get lots of laughter from us kids. It was always followed by Mum saying “T-e-d … enough!” as she tried to keep from smiling.

So I come to you highly qualified to discuss World Plumbers Day and to give plumbers the accolades they deserve for working in an industry that does not involve things that smell sweetly.  I am not sure who would have this profession as a career goal but far be it from me, to understand why anyone does anything.

Our son-in-law had become a plumber in the Army when he was very young but soon changed to studying the soil instead of digging it up, after he completed his apprenticeship. Geoff once insulted Steve in jest when we  first knew him by saying “even a trained monkey could be a plumber!” Oh Geoff, this was not kosher but Steve managed to laugh and insult him in return so it worked out quite well!

It was obvious that Steve knew his father-in-law’s colourful humour. Funny though, Steve has always been living away when a son-in-law as a plumber would have been quite useful!

Hail to the Plumbers who do such a fine job day in and day out. Hat’s off to ya… we couldn’t do  without you!