Hello all

I have been doing some rather deep thinking today!  Ha ha. It is a worry but it does happen to me quite often without really trying.

It must be as a result of the frivolous nature of watching the Academy Awards yesterday! And yet, a couple of things I watched on TV today have also forced me into this place. But first things first: The Oscars.

You see, I watched the end of the Oscars again last night with my husband Geoff, who had not seen them. As I watched the main awards and the acceptance speeches again, I was really impressed by only two “winners” (have you noticed, they NEVER call them winners?) and both of them had a standing ovation when their name was called out for the Oscar.

The two were Christopher Plummer and Meryl Streep. Both not young. In fact, Plummer is 82 years old (two years younger than Oscar, he said) and the respect shown to him was wonderful. Meryl is in her sixties and again, the respect was palpable.

Christopher Plummer was downright funny and demeaning of himself!  His first Oscar I believe. In his speech he thanked Ewan McGregor for being wonderful (did Ewan play him as a young man?) and then added “I’d share the Oscar with Ewan … if I had any decency … which I don’t.” Lots of laughter! He ended by thanking his wife who he said “saves me every day of my life.” Presumably from himself as he seems to be a renegade!  His wife looked surprised.  I loved his raw honesty about himself. I was impressed.

Meryl looked embarrassed when her name was announced and said as much when she was in front of the microphone, However, she went on to say she would BEGIN by thanking her husband who has been a support to her throughout her acting career. She did not want the thank-you to be an add-on at the end, drowned out by music.

Her dignity always surprises me but I’m not sure why it does? I should know by know. Meryl and Christopher are opposites in personality but I think what they both have in common is HONESTY about themselves. Meryl thanked everyone for the friendships and love she has shared with them all and ended by saying – with such passion –  how grateful she was “for this explicitly wonderful career I have had.” Such a gracious  and sincere speech.

But, what I obtained from watching this was that this two people absolutely LOVED what they do for a living. They are among the few happy people who have found their true calling and followed it with passion. I had been thinking about this since yesterday, after reading an article in a newspaper. How many people actually find their passion? Have you? I wondered if indeed I had myself?

The article was about a man called Nicholas, who is a lawyer by day “…and by night he’s a passionate Hollywood film historian with a penchant for fabulous costumes worn by the stars.” He has a blog site which is simply fascinating. He says in the article that someone described collecting as ‘a job’ because you have to always be ‘on.’ He then added “But you make time for the things you love.” Yes, here was a man who is passionate about collecting beautiful vintage dresses.

(Check out his blog site, you will see his latest dress there, the one Julie Andrews wore in “Darling Lilli” photographed at right).     http://vintagefilmpropsandcostumes.blogspot.com.au/

But there was more. Just by chance I viewed a show called “Compass” – a spiritual program – about three people who had always felt ‘a calling’ from God (something I related to). However,  all did not go to plan and they did not pursue this calling, doing other things until they reached middle age. But, they had a sense of restlessness and they had no idea why. Finally, they had a moment of epiphany when they KNEW that they needed to follow the calling.

One, a politician, became a Catholic Priest. The woman (almost 60) became an Anglican Priest and the other an Anglican Franciscan Brother. All of them said that the restlessness then disappeared. “They had come home“. They had  found their calling and were very happy. I was confronted again by the passion that they displayed for what they were doing. Again, it was the thing they loved to do. 

It reminded me of a conversation I’d had last night with Geoff about my blog. Geoff thought I had given myself  “a life sentence” blogging every day and wondered how I could stand it! After I picked myself up off the floor from laughter, I said “But Geoff, I LOVE it! I think I have found my true calling.” He simply nodded, finally truly understanding. He has watched from afar these last 40 years, as I keep writing journals, poems and essays etc but do nothing with them.

Poor Geoff has been inflicted with watching my frustration – through late university study and then working for the government – wondering why nothing “felt” RIGHT that I was doing. I was restless in the convent and restless ever since.

And so you can see why I began doing some deep thinking today? I was trying to work out what was happening within me. Actually, LIFE was handing me the answers without much trying! Finally, just before I began this blog today, I realised  that I have found my PASSION!! I could write all day. I lose myself in researching and writing. Time flies by. (PS: remind me of this when I get tired one day …  or sick … or want to quit). Yes, I am indeed following my passion.

I truly hope that YOU will find your passion too. Make time for the things you LOVE doing today! I will leave you with a poem that the former politician – now Priest – shared today. It was taken from a poet who wrote the following for a poet friend who had died. The dead man had wasted his talents by a life of abuse and drugs:

When you appear before the Judgment seat of God,

God will recite by heart the poems you could have written.

And you will cry tears of SHAME for not writing them.

The Priest asked himself  “Is there a poem called The Priesthood which I sill have to write? I don’t want to cry tears of shame on my deathbed for lack of courage.” He then entered the Priesthood at 50 years of age.

What poem should YOU be writing today?