Hello all to Day 5 of Official Child Minding: the last day!

Yes, Geoff and I are getting ready to go home later today when our daughter Maria, returns from her little interlude down south for work. She would prefer to call it “damn hard work” (doing Performance Assessments) and I would agee with her.

I have a number of things to share with you all today but firstly, I must tell you what happened to me at 6.15 am this morning when I was having a cup of tea in bed and trying to wake up for the onslaught of the day. Violet had come in at 5 am and jumped in the bed beside me and by the time of my cuppa she was wide awake and firing on all cylinders.

She gave me stern directions to open up my mouth and of course, I obeyed such a command from a five-year old! “Grandma, you have mouldy teeth.” she announced to me. Oh really?  Well, this was all very interesting. “It must be because you’re old that they are mouldy.” she declared confidently and then she added: “and why haven’t you cleaned your teeth yet?”

Now, I have to ask you … what the? I was flat-out waking up let alone cleaning my teeth at this hour. All this coming from a child who struggles in the teeth cleaning department herself! And what is it with her interest in teeth? (this is not the first time we have discussed teeth). I asked her if she was planning on becoming a Dentist. “No Grandma, don’t be silly!” was the response.  A future Prime Minister perhaps?

Oh, how I will miss such intimate conversation when I return home tomorrow! This week has simply been full of incredible moments: some hilarious, some full of Secret Kids Business (see blog on this topic) and some simply delightful and never to be forgotten. I have enjoyed every exhausting moment of it!

Now, on to other matters. Yesterday, I had a friend visit for the morning and we sat and chatted over a pot of T2 Black Rose tea (in bone china tea cups of course). My friend looked up the website that I gave you (Devotee) but she was unable to find or order any tea. In the meantime, Maria sent me the T2 website where she orders tea. Here is the link:   http://t2tea.com/

Thanks to those who responded with information on the T2 tea. When I googled T2 tea it came up with Devotea and there was no sign of a website called T2tea. However, I have checked out the T2 website and sure enough, one can order the Black Rose T2 tea and lots of other tea as well. A box of 100 grms of Black Rose loose tea is $12.75 (Au).

Another reader told me she thought you could now buy it at Woolworths! You may want to look out for it. A former work friend sent me a message to say she “craves” T2 Earl Grey tea and … wait for it … her 4 four old granddaughter has her own T2 teapot and loves drinking the tea. I thought this was a great story. Thanks Jenni for sharing.

It was great to get these stories about tea. In today’s world when so many people are drinking coffee, it is good to see the popularity of tea! In fact, I think we are all tired of teabags and due to this, specialty teas are gaining in popularity. So now I have found two sites for you to choose:  Devotee and T2 tea .

Speaking of tea, I saw a wonderful cartoon on-line today (taken from the Courier-Mail) which was begging to be used because I am discussing tea and there is a blend of tea mentioned in it. But first, let me set the scene briefly for our overseas readers. We have a political crisis at the moment and it involves our Prime Minister Julia Gillard and our Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (who resigned Wednesday).

It is a leadership crisis. Julia ousted Kevin as Prime Minister in 2010 and Kevin was not a Happy Little Vegemite then and it appears he has been plotting revenge ever since and now is the time to get it – he thinks! There will be a showdown on Monday. Now, this would never happen in America eg ousting a serving President so easily, I know that, but in Australia anything is likely! Here he in this cartoon NOW a very Happy Little Vegemite (see below for explanation of this term) as he makes his big move for the Top Job. (note the Vegemite on the bread is Julia’s face).

I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say all of us here are heartily sick of the Rudd/Gillard debacle but look at this other cartoon and have a laugh as well. Rudd is portrayed as the Yellow Wiggle (I’m sure the Wiggles for kids (who wear coloured tee-shirts), are well-known in the US and UK?) and the cartoon says he is drinking “NEW BLEND AUSSIE AFTERNOON TEA.”

Who could resist putting this one on my blog? I wonder what the New Blend of tea would taste like: quite bitter perhaps? Or maybe he has sweetened it now as he makes his move to get his old job back?

We live in interesting times that is for sure.

Now as I close and head home to the outer ‘burbs I will leave you with a piece of totally useless information. As the stage show ‘Annie’ comes to town shortly, I read where Sarah Jessica Parker and  Catherine Zita-Jones both came to prominence in their careers by playing Annie in this stage show. Interesting eh? Something you have always wanted to know perhaps? Trivia at its best.

Until ” tomorrow tomorrow – it’s only a day away…”

NB: Because we have a strictly Australian product here called ‘Vegemite’ the term “Happy Little Vegemite‘ refers to an ad for said Vegemite where the children were happy because they were eating this Vitamin B enriched black yeast spread. The ad was accompanied by a song where the children sang: ‘we’re happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be …’ Therefore, the term ‘Happy Little Vegemite’ is part of Australian folklore and is often used to describe anyone who is happy.