Hello dear readers:we have entered Day 4 of Official Child Minding and counting down until tomorrow. All is well and all will be well.

Oh by the way, before I begin let me tell you that Violet has changed her mind about getting her head chopped off (read yesterday’s blog) and now thinks it would be quite “fun” to run around with no head for a while! Ha ha, she’s had a change of heart from her horror of no head yesterday!

Now, back to our topic for today. On Tuesday, I made a discovery. It was an Epiphany of sorts because when I read an article in the Sunday Mail by Mia Freeman, I thought I had nothing to fear. But things have changed since Sunday! I am now caring for my dear little grandchildren and doing “The Secret Kids Club” (as Violet calls it).

You see, the condition Mia spoke of was “writer’s brain” which is being a little “off with the pixie’s” in your head. Well, I discovered I am suffering at the moment with something similar: “Bloggers Brain.” In fact, this same problem can be recognised when we have our first child and we call it “Mummy Brain.”

Well you might laugh, but adding child-minding to my blogging life at present is tipping me over the edge and off into another world. And yes, Mia Freeman has children too and it’s the reason why she too, goes into overload quite frequently. Hopefully, I will return to normal when I go back home. (please explain…exactly what is normal? )

Anyway, I discovered Mia by reading her weekly column and because I cannot help myself, I also checked out her web-site and discovered a place to visit that is full of information, humour, jobs site, news items and articles (blogs of sorts) written by both Mia and other guest writers. It’s brilliant. Check it out for yourself: http://www.mamamia.com.au/

Now Mia makes this statement in one part of the article: “Why I Suck at living in the present.”

“As a writer I’m always somewhere else in my head. This drives people nuts when they try to talk to me and I don’t hear them I’m mentally planning this column or angsting about some entirely imaged situation. Perhaps you are too?”

Yes Mia, I am too. Guilty as charged! While I am blogging in the afternoon, I will often take a break for a nice freshly brewed pot of leaf tea (nothing else will do) and Geoff and I go outside to share the pot. But … my mind is not really there. No, I am in the middle of a great thought that must be written down immediately. Or I am developing a plot in my mind and don’t hear Geoff ask a question. Just ask HIM about my “Blogger’s Brain.” On second thoughts don’t! He might tell you too much.

But this week it has worsened. It also occurred to me that my spilling of the tea leaves onto the clean dishes on Monday was some evidence to prove this point and again on Tuesday when I was making the most delicious berry smoothie for lunch.  I somehow or other ‘forgot’ to put the lid on the blender and pressed the Pulse button for a nano second and … voila! There were bits of banana, raspberry and liquid all over my dishes in the sink (oh and on the floor too).  Again!

Yes, Blogger’s Brain. Yes, Mummy’s Brain. Perhaps Overload Brain too. Now time will tell whether or not I return to my normal state of not being present or whether I will continue to be in overload for a while.

Mia says that in an effort to be more present, she went to the park with the family. PHONE-FREE. She did feel a bit restless at time (itching to post where she was, on Facebook, no doubt) and she was tempted to go “off somewhere” in her head at various times. Still, she stuck with it (to prove a point) and when she got back discovered that she’d missed Tweets and Peeps and Texts and any other Beeby thing, alerting her that Whitney Houston had died. Drat!

Talking about iPhones (I want to write about this topic in greater details later) let  me just say that whilst waiting in Church yesterday, I happened upon a magazine with an interesting article in the form of a letter to Steve Jobs (Apple founder who died in October 2011). The author recalls Job’s inventions: the iPod, iPhone, iPad and says: “You were never interested in the wePod, wePhone and wePad … you gave everyone their own island to live on.”  

What a thought provoking statement to make in a letter to a dead person! Unfortunate though, because he cannot answer any of that now and the author does acknowledges this and was making the point that these iGadgets are guaranteed to isolate people and not look them in the face. We all know this is true – something to mull on folks in this age of technology. Just not sure how we would ever live without them?!

I had also become quite interested in the man – Steve Jobs – prior to his death. I had read an extract of his biography “Thoughts on Life, Death and Apple” by Walter Isaacson and found it facinating. After this, I happened to be in Sydney City on 5th October 2011 when Steve Jobs passed away and I saw for myself all the flowers and tributes and APPLES outside the Apple Store in the centre of the city.

We  were moved by the people who lingered at the site, weeping as they placed notes, old iPhones or any other appropriate gadgets alongside flowers. We could hardly get into the store. It was an amazing experience.

So thanks to Steve Jobs (and other smart phone inventors) we can now be “off somewhere” not in the present moment, texting, tweeting and peeping at emails. It is another reason why my Blogger’s Brain is so bad, because I have a smart phone and can do all of the above at any time of the day or night.  Now please, don’t ask Geoff.

Heaven help me, if I bought out the smart phone with my afternoon cuppa whilst I have Blogger’s Brain. Geoff would totally lose the plot with me. And I wouldn’t blame him but it is hard! The thing is I heard a Priest say something great about married couples on TV yesterday referring to them having “the intimacy that calls you to account…”

Yes, that’s what Geoff does for me.  A pain sometimes when it stops me from living in my head when all I want to do is drift off somewhere!!