Hello all to Day 2 of Official Child Minding

Here I am for another day. Geoff and I are surviving, although homework last night WAS a bit of a challenge! Alice did cook tea however and true to her word, I helped HER cook San Chow Bow. She could very well turn into a little Masterchief this one. Well done Alice!

Now on to other subjects! My friend Barbara next door, gave me a lovely new Journal for Christmas, far fancier than I would buy but that is why it is so much appreciated. Today I commenced it and this is always a good feeling. It reminds me of starting a new book, a whole new adventure awaits as you read the first page.  You see, a personal Journal is a bit the same I feel.

Now about the old Journal. When you look back through it, you can read all kinds of interesting things that  never would be remembered if they were not written down. The same with a book. When it is finished (if you are like me), you will mull over the story and you may dip in and out to your favourite parts of the book revelling in the storyline. You could “dine out” so to speak on that book for at least a couple of days.

The time period of the  old Journal was 15/11/11 to 20/2/12 so there were three months of activities,  feelings and “stuff” in that old book. I sat down with a beautiful cup of T2 tea (which Maria keeps on hand; more about the tea later) to look through the old Journal.

What I found there were stories of grief and then elation when a breast cancer “mass” turned out to be a software problem within the scanner (I kid you not!) . There were some lovely days spent in November on the beautiful Cabarita Beach (one hour south from where I live in outer Brisbane, for overseas followers) which led me to write the poem “Summer on Cabarita Beach” (link at end of blog) and then there were the daily highs and lows of Maria and family’s fight with the Army to come back to Brisbane to live.

Oh yes, an old Journal is a magical world to enter, especially when visited with a cup of  Black Rose Blend tea! And just like a finished book, it is a bit like leaving behind an old friend when it’s completed. Don’t you find that a good story becomes engrossing and it becomes almost like a friend? So too, the old Journal. And then it’s over! Next thing please … but not just yet!

And do not forget that other magical world, that of the NEW Journal. So much promise ahead. The blank page (a bit like my blank blog page waiting to be filled). Just like a new book, it is unknown as yet. What adventures await me on these pages? Good times and humour, elation and pathos, all laid bare for the reading. Who would have thought that starting a new Journal could produce a blog?! Well, there you have it. Completed and almost filled in!

Now, back to some details of T2 tea which I simply must share. Maria has many different T2 blends and it is tea “to die for” if you are a lover of fine tea. The one I drank today is called T2 Black Rose. The label says it is a blend of “rose, currants and papaya to produce a bold, fruity tea with a strong rose aroma.”  

Yep, that’s about how it tastes! And of course, I made it in Maria’s lovely dainty teapot and poured it into a bone china cup and saucer that was owned by my mother originally, for I recognised it and thought it would be nice to use it. I came back and Googled the T2 tea and have discovered some things I did not know, which must be blogged (indulge me a little here).

Firstly, this is an Australian company (called Devotea) and they do sell online and ship overseas but in Spring and Summer this year they will have an America and English website respectively. For tea lovers, that is such good news! Here is the link to their website: http://the-devotea.com/shop

You will find out all you need to know about different blends of tea on this site. I liked this bit:

Widely credited with “inventing” afternoon tea, Anna Russell the Duchess of Bedford is the sister of Lord Petersham, after whom we have also named a tea. We know Anna loved a good Darjeeling – this one has some Assam as well to add a tinge of 17th century nostalgia.

The site also said that Lord Petersham (b 1780) had a different blend of tea every day. Nothing better to do probably than to discuss tea, blend tea and drink it! Imagine having such time on one’s hands today?

The tea does retail here in Australia but possibly through tea retailers and not through Devotea. One of my readers in Australia will know the answer to that one.

Before closing, this is what the Devotea website said about the person who owns the company and loves blending tea.

“The Devotea (Robert Godden) is an author, tea blogger and former tea (and coffee) shop wholesale/retailer. The Devotea’s Global Speciality Teas is a collection of exclusive tea blends that tell a story or evoke an era.”

Fascinating what you discover just from having a drink of tea, isn’t it? And as for that new Journal, it now has some writing in it and who knows what may transpire in my life over the next weeks or months.

As promised, here is the link to my poem that I mentioned earlier:

 Link to: Summer on Cabarita Beach:


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