Hello all

I thought I had gone to Heaven this morning as I listened to the lovely voices of the Filipino choir singing out “Alleluia.”

Yes, I know I was tired and it had been an effort to leave the bed and the Sunday papers to get ready for Church before we faced the coming week but I sat mesmerised in the uplifting atmosphere of those voices. I told myself I would allow myself to be filled up to the brim for I would need the fortitude for what is ahead this week.

You see, Geoff and I are the back up for our daughter Maria whilst her husband is in East Timor and she has work commitments in Sydney for a week.  Soo …  we will effectively be the parents of two girls under 11 yrs of age. Wish us luck folks! Also, Geoff has a temporary work assignment all week but at least he has Wed afternoons free (he actually has another three weeks to go!)

So in between writing this blog, I am packing clothes and getting ready for the 20 minute trip up the freeway to stay at our daughter’s house for the week.

Also, we had a busy day yesterday which ended in a family dinner but this time, knowing I was going to be busy, I had arranged something simple and it freed me to enjoy the evening. Everyone provided something for the meal which our daughter-in-law Belinda suggested as a get-together. What a lovely idea before Maria goes!

Well, you know how I love cooking up a storm (with Lebanese food being my top speciality) but there are times when one wants to make life easy for oneself and this was one of those times. Roast chickens, home-made chips and salad was very nice thank you very much! With Sara Lee providing the desert. Thanks Sara, you never disappoint! And thumbs up to Red Rooster too who provided the extra chicken.

But what a nice balmy night it was to sit out the back in our “outdoor room” (photo left). The three children were free to play on the lawn nearby and have fun before and after we ate. At one stage, Isaac was with Alice and Violet playing “Ring-a-ring-Rosie” where they go around in circles until the moment when they say “and we all fall down.” Normally, they all fall about laughing but for Isaac (2-year-old) the ‘falling down’ part wasn’t happening fast enough and he got cranky!  It was funny. The terrible twos perhaps?

He came good eventually and fell about laughing later when he found he could spin the container of Lego blocks! He loves spinning anything he can find. What a darling little boy he is and yes, it is official, his name for me  is… Pi-Pi. None of us can work out how he could get “PiPi” out of Grandma and I don’t think we will ever figure it out either. He loves those older cousins though and is kept quiet playing with them.

Alice (10 yrs) had a quiet word with me last night on how our lives will play out whilst we are in charge, telling me that Mum had jobs for them to do with stars being awarded for their completion. She said “Grandma, I have made a list up for you too. You have to do housework, do the washing and help me cook the tea and then you will get stars too!”

Well, what a lucky woman I am folks. And what about the bit where she said “help HER cook the tea?” Of course, I agreed with all these things but it was not the end. No, Grandpa has jobs too. He has to take them to school and fix anything that needs fixing and help around the place (when he’s there that is!) and he too will get stars. Violet joined in the excitement about the whole affair.

I am so pleased there is a lot of excitement about our visit. However, I did warn them: “But what about if Grandma gets cranky at any time?” Alice responded with such confidence: “Grandma, YOU won’t get cranky, you’re such a nice Grandma!” I am not sure if she is willing it to be so or if it’s really true?!

So my dear friends, I must end my blogging for the day. I have two little girls and one big girl, waiting for us to arrive and they will all be tearing their hair out if it doesn’t happen SOON. But before I go, I will leave you with a news item that begs to be shared, from the Sunday paper this morning which Geoff pointed out to me:

“Hems Down” said the heading in the Sunday Mail. “Andie MacDowell, face of L’Oreal (for over two decades) says a tip for women past their half century – ditch short skirts.” She goes on to say: “I don’t care how good your legs are.”

What a great news item (hidden away in the paper) for all of us – dare I say it – women over 50 years of age! I know I have been guilty of it and wondered why, when I wore what was a dress a little shorter than normal, I felt sooo uncomfortable with it. “Cover the knees” I think is what she was saying!

So as I go out today wearing my ankle length skirt (seeing I am well past that 50+ age) I can hold my head up high saying “Andie MacDowell said I should!”

Wish us luck for the week with our girls!  Until tomorrow.