Hello all

Well, here goes another day of writing on my blog!

I just love it when I see that blank computer screen wanting to be filled in with chit-chat and all sorts of other interesting things.  I know then that anything is possible! One of my friends emailed me to ask how I managed to find things to write about every single day? That in itself could be the subject of its own blog  and is the ‘million-dollar’ question, isn’t it?

You see, right from the beginning, I began keeping a spiral notebook with ideas and phrases or things I have heard that take my fancy. One way or another, these things will end up on my blog … at some stage! I have written in large letters on the plastic cover ‘BLOG BOOK”. So now it is official: I need help to keep me writing for 366 days. Organised chaos is what it is.

You know, I simply get a feeling  about the topic on which I should write. Sometimes, a newspaper headline screams out at me to be used (eg Monkey was on their Back) or I see a sign and I HAVE to use that caption (eg even Freaky Fish have Friends.) There will come a moment when it will be used!

My friend also said:  “I think it would be a challenge to be open about yourself and step out of your comfort zone.”

Yes, this is true! It is indeed a challenge to be open, but remember the blog I wrote about being in the Convent, aptly named “Time for some Disclosure”. I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone and share the information and I’m glad I did. I feel as if I am talking and writing to friends and therefore, it is not hard for me to share who I am and what I think, with all of you. I feel most privileged to have you ‘out there’ as readers. Thank you.

Therefore today, in light of my choice to be open and honest in allowing my own light to shine, I have entitled my blog: “Let your Light Shine.” This inspiration came yesterday when Geoff and I went to Alice’s school. The invitation came the same time as the ‘dreaded tooth extraction’ day, with a fervent plea: “Grandma, my class is doing the rules of the ‘St. Agnes Way’ on Thursday, please please please come!” How could we refuse such a plea?

Efforts to find out from Alice about the ‘St. Agnes Way’ proved futile so off we went at 2.30pm to find out for ourselves at the School Assembly Hall.  What we saw there impressed us considerably and for that reason I wanted to share it with you. It reassures me that our children/grandchildren are in good hands.

First, the school is named St. Agnes and secondly, the St. Agnes Way is represented by a five-pointed star which is called “SHINE” and which was  the centrepiece of the little drama put on by Alice’s class: 6B

The photo taken on my phone is a bit fuzzy, but here you can see SHINE for yourselves. Each colour of the star represents a way of acting or behaving hence the name: The St. Agnes’ Way. The children of 6B then acted out the drama represented by each colour.

The acting really was quite delightful and a little bit humourous as well. Here are the five behaviours we could all emulate:

  1. Act safely … during work and at play
  2. Active learning … during work and at play
  3. Co-operate … during work and at play
  4. Respectduring work and at play
  5. Awarenessduring work and at play

The Assembly ended with a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee as Queen. It comprised photos taken through all the years of her reign accompanied by the anthem “God Save the Queen” (do any of you remember singing God Save the Queen prior to 1975 when it was OUR anthem?) The last photo, showed an ageing Queen with her gloved figure pointing upwards at a speech bubble that said: “60 years and still No. 1” ; the room exploded into laughter. The Headmaster said “Mrs…. (who compiled the tribute) has a wonderful sense of humour hasn’t she?” Yep, she sure has.

I simply loved the spirit of this school! The humour. The values. The way the children were treated: handing out approximately 40+ awards to the children for such simple things as “For Jane who has made such an effort with her spelling this week.” The official handing over of “SHINE” to another class to keep in the classroom until next week when that class would be the star of the Assembly.

And then, when it was time for Awards to be given out, the children were told “Drum roll please” and all the children beat their hands on the boards of the Assemble Hall to bring on the ceremony. What a racket, but the kids loved it! 

The motto of St. Agnes School is:  “In the light of the Gospel, Let your light Shine” Geoff and I came away from that school yesterday afternoon glowing and feeling as if we were somehow better people for having been in the presence of those who were trying to make a difference. We were going shopping afterwards but instead we opted for a nice coffee and apple pie at a Cafe just to prolong that glow for a while longer! Shopping would only dull our light (especially when the bill was totalled!)

So that’s it for today folks: Let your Light Shine bright for all the world to see.  

When you are tempted to hide your real self or to keep quiet about who you really are, think of SHINE and Let your Light Shine too. Sure, we feel vulnerable when we do this, but it is the very thing that connects us with other people and brings us closer. I have always found it to be the best way.

And for myself, I do not want to forget the “St. Agnes Way” of behaving! We are never too old to learn are we? I am so glad I went along …

Until tomorrow.