Hello all

Well, it is a fact that having a good night’s sleep does wonders for one’s wellbeing! Today I have proved it so.

As I wrote yesterday, it was an incredible day which actually began going sour on Tuesday night. To demonstrate, I am sure you have all heard the words of the John Denver’s song:

“Some days are diamonds, some days are stones,

           Sometimes the hard times won’t leave me alone…”

Well, yesterday began as a horrible concrete stone day and turned into … not quite a diamond … but definitely something better by day’s end. Let us rewind back to when it all began: “The Drama of Tuesday Night.”

Yes, sometimes those hard times just won’t leave us alone. I am not sure what goes on in the ‘hidden world’ sometimes when nothing seems to go as it should. I am sure on Tuesday night the devil was having a quiet night and said to himself “I think I will concentrate on those two old people at 35 Turnbull Street tonight and test them a bit!” He knew that one thing going wrong could be handled ..  but three things? I think not!

The FIRST thing: I had been a bit off-colour all day but by late afternoon I had some sort of stomach bug which manifested itself mainly in crippling stomach cramps. It led me to quite a bit of moaning and just a little self-pity as I headed early to bed (7pm) and a good sleep to cure it. Thoughts of dying through the night factored heavily in my mind!

Alas, it was then the devil really got to work. I was up and down and not able to rest as I went to the loo, made ginger tea, took peppermint tablets, ate good yoghurt, took painkillers and relaxant pills. ANYTHING to get rid of that pain. Meanwhile, around 8 pm the next door neighbours had started up discussions and arguments outside their house and their voices floated loudly into our front bedroom. Oh dear, it took resilience to endure. The SECOND thing was happening!

During one of my times of getting up (just before 10 pm) I was drinking water and staring into space when the phone rang. At this point, Geoff was trying to sleep amidst the loud voices. I thought “Oh no! who could this be?” Yet, somehow I felt compelled to answer as the phone was nearby. (What were the chances of my being up near the phone in MY condition?) The THIRD event was about to unfold.

Much to my surprise a crying child greeted me on the phone! Now, I have had distressing calls from Alice over the years. She seems to think when all else fails (and her mother allows), Grandma is a good place to try, and on this particular night, this was indeed the case. As she got out all of her problems in between sobs (you know: missing Daddy and missing a special friend in Sydney, new-school issues and of course, Mummy just wanting her to get to bed) it turned out that the dreaded “tooth extraction” was uppermost on her mind and probably resulted in the melt down.

I heard myself answering Alice’s request to come and be with her at the Dentist for this shocking ‘to be avoided at all cost’ removal of a tooth, (she had managed to do that in January) with a promise. “Yees…” I said gingerly, wondering how in the name of goodness, this would be possible when I was presently “dying!”  But Alice would not be deterred despite my saying I was not well. So now it was out there: “of course Alice, I WILL come!”

After the call. I asked myself my usual question: “What was I thinking?‘ Anyway, it was done. I would just have to be a ‘dead woman walking” in the morning! Now to get some sleep… if only one could with all that shouting next door.  But first … more ginger tea. Geoff and I had discussions encouraging each other to have a good attitude (or buy ear-plugs) all the while Geoff was coming and going, peeking out to see if this mini-party was about to end anytime soon and muttering under his breath!

My temptation had been to go out and yell “Can you keep it down, we’re trying to get some sleep here”, but I was just too ill to try. Mind you, I had done this years ago when Geoff and I stayed in outback Dubbo at an old Hotel and there had been blaring radio music on the verandah right outside our room. By midnight, I’d had enough. Imagine the two men’s surprise when I opened the door and gave them a piece of my mind … nicely but firmly. Abruptly, the music died. But no chance of a repeat tonight.

By midnight, the neighbours had given up and silence reigned.  Sleep finally came around 1am when all my remedies (and much praying) seemed to give me some relief. By first light (around 5 am) I was wide awake and by 6.15 having peppermint tea, pills, acidophilus and fresh carrot and celery juice, more painkillers in order to gear up for action. This whole thing was in the realm of “how do I do this today?”

Well, folks, I did do it. I survived!  Not only that, I managed to be nearby whilst the dreaded tooth was extracted and to keep Violet entertained whilst Mum was with Alice. I managed to dodge a vomiting episode when Alice came out of the room and I managed to make custard and get juice  for Alice whilst watching the movie The Sound of Music” with her at her house while Maria went back to work.

I managed a whole heap of things. Geoff was soon home from his Wednesday job and we brought Alice to our house. Here I managed to make Alice scrambled eggs, get her creamed corn and wait on her every need as she became an eating machine (in between watching another movie). And yes, I even managed to write on this blog (I am not sure how I did but I did!).

The night ended very nicely with Maria and Violet coming down to pick up Alice, with Geoff offering to cook us a fish, chip and salad supper. Alice gave me a massage with an octopus massager while Geoff cooked tea, for by this time she had fully recovered and was jumping all over the place with activity, filled to the brim with love for Grandma and Grandpa (and anyone else nearby).

Whilst Maria and I sat and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a chat before she left, we wondered why Alice had  gone quiet and was not in sight. We found her fast asleep on my bed and on the side of her head was the octopus massager she had been using on my shoulders! Poor darling, what a 24 hours she’d  had … but so too had I. Comrades in arms!

Yes, it was a spectacular and peaceful end to a very interesting day! 

You see, sometimes, days that begin as stones do turn into diamonds (well, cubic zirconia perhaps?) and this was one of those days.

 Everyone gone, Geoff and I retreated to our bed with the sound of silence ringing in our ears…

 I had survived. the devil had not won!