Well … hello!

I sit here at my computer thinking that writing is much too hard today.

Yes, I have to be honest and put it out there for all to see! Now that I’ve said that, I feel better. You see, writing for 366 days of the year seems like something wonderful to try to achieve and mostly, it is … but not today.

No. Today is for doing nothing much after a busy Saturday. Today is for spending three hours booking flights to Fiji for May 2012 as I did this morning. It proved altogether too difficult but it did happen – eventually. And Maria and family are all booked too so we can fly off to celebrate her 40th Birthday. My first-born child turning 40: wow!

Today is for sitting down after lunch and watching a chick flick movie I recorded during the week and having a veg out, losing track of time whilst watching Kirsten Dunst fall in love with some good-looking fellow whose name I cannot recall . Not sure of the ending yet which is still to be watched (movie: The Holiday).

Today is for remembering how lovely it was to have Daniel and Isaac visit us yesterday morning. It is for looking back with great joy to Isaac chasing bubbles. As quick as I was blowing them he would try to catch them or  eat them!   He wanted me to blow bubbles for ever and was quite upset when Dad said “listen Buddy, it’s time to leave.”

Today is for remembering the nice Lamb Roast Maria cooked the whole family last night  – all, except for Maria’s husband Steve, who is in East Timor and whose presence was missed. At least we spoke to him on the phone and caught up with all his tales of reconstructing East Timor when he wasn’t attending dinner at the Embassy and hobnobbing with the important people. And missing his family, of course…

Today is for going to Church and mulling on all things spiritual and connecting with friends whilst filling up one’s bucket to help one through the week! It is not about being miserable; just sluggish after too much activity perhaps?

Yes, today is not for writing. It is for dreaming and thinking. It is for doing nothing. You see, I need friends today who understand. I know I have friends who come to my blog and expect to read something. Anything! But when they find nothing much, I am sure they will say: “Tess at least is writing SOMETHING today and we are glad. Good to see Tess you haven’t forgotten that 366 day Challenge!” Thanks friends.

Hence the title of this blog:


I am sure you are wondering where I got this title because it is not one I thought up myself. I saw it when Geoff and I were waiting at the lights to turn into Holland Rd off Logan Rd, (for local people) last night. There was a huge billboard on the corner which caught my eye. The first word was hard to read (even) and the rest of the words were large and readable but I struggled to understand why someone would spend good money putting up this huge sign, complete with a drawing of an ugly-looking fish, for no obvious reason. Where was the catch? Where was the ad?

But, lurking at the bottom of the billboard was the tiniest picture of a can. If you looked closely (and only Geoff spotted it) was an ad for Greenseas tuna. We think!

We have been talking about that billboard ever since. It certainly caught our attention and that is precisely why the marketers put the ad up there because I am now talking about it which is what they wanted.  And here I am using it as the subject of today’s blog! If you live in Brisbane you might want to check it out. Has anyone else seen an ad of this kind? Let me know.

So today, I am dedicating this blog to people everywhere who sometimes are not up to the mark. People who need a hug. Or perhaps a little lie down? Or even someone to make them a pot of tea. (Excuse me while I check to see if Geoff has the pot made yet…lol)

Seriously folks, “even … FREAKY FISH NEED FRIENDS”. And believe me if you saw the ugliness of the fish on the billboard, you would understand why no one would want to befriend it! Hopefully, most of us have friends who care enough to love us even when we don’t look good or feel very loveable. Hopefully we will never look as bad as THAT fish.

Let’s not forget our friends when they feel Freaky; we can help with a kind gesture or with some gentle words that soothe the soul and remind us that we mere mortals are not here on our own. We need each other.

If YOU feel like a Freaky Fish today, remember the thing you need most is your friends. Thank you for being MY friend today.

Yours … “Freaky Tess”