Hello all

The announcer on our favourite radio show was having fun this  morning with the date.

It is after all, the “second of the second twenty-twelve” but if you say it another way, there is a play on words eg: two two twelve. The “two two” part of it attracted the most attention and callers were ringing in with various hilarity regarding “two two”. I thought we could have some fun with it too (or is that too too?)

First of all someone thought it should be National Ballerina Day because of the “two two” (tutu) involved. I like that one. This led to a joke:

Q: How did Moses put the ballerinas in the Ark?     A: two two by two two (read tutu by tutu)

Then someone else thought It should be National Grandmother’s Day because in the Hawaiian language, a grandmother is called “Tutu”.  In actual fact, my research shows the spelling is “Kuku” but the ‘K’ is pronounced ‘T’ in Hawaiian. (You can thank me for this useful/useless piece of information!)

Ritchie Benaud, our esteemed cricket commentator, former very good player and now in his seventies, says the word “two” as “TWOOOO” and has been known to give the score saying: “twooo for tweeenty-twoooo”.  His speech is slow and very articulated and because of this it has attracted mimickers, the chief one being a comic called Billy Birmingham.

Ritchie thought Billy was a rotten mimic of his voice but in fact, he was very good but the problem was, he used very bad language which I could never imagine gentleman Ritchie ever using!  Ritchie is a character for sure.

Talking about characters, I have a friend whose birthday last year was on the 11/11/11. She would be turning 82 on that date and phoned me a few months beforehand asking me to “go out west” with her during the period of her birthday.  When I questioned why, she said in her Anglo-Indian accent: “Theresa, I have to escape THAT date!”  She felt totally overwhelmed by it and thought it was a bad omen.

As things turned out, she stayed to face the music. The world did not end. Nothing untoward happened. Now she is looking forward to her 83rd birthday this year. She is an amazing woman for her age. So bright and intelligent and has had a very interesting life including seven years spent with Mother Teresa as a nun in India.

Shirley has been widowed for almost thirty years now and was first married in her late forties. Her husband died after only 2-1/2 years of marriage. So sad really but she wrote a beautiful moving book about her experience which is worth reading. It is called “The Moon is Sunlight”. It is written in a poetic manner and it is her spiritual search to find her way out of the grief which engulfed her after her husband’s death. Beautifully written and so honest in the writing.

 I was wanting a copy of my own and found it on Amizon.com as it is now out of print. It can be bought in America for some ridiculous price like 10 cents! Of course, the postage is costly for us – fine for my American readers!

Sorry Shirley that I am writing about you, but your life is worth mentioning for all to read. I salute you!

 Which leads me to the next point. don’t you meet some interesting people as you travel the trails of life?  Shirley is one of those people. Her friendship means a lot to me and I love the fact that I can have lively debates with her.

Someone closer to home that was a great character was my own father. Born in London(within the sound of Bow Bells), he spoke with a Cockney accent and would have us six kids in gales of laughter at the dinner table every night. He was a great foil for our more serious mother who would listen to the shenanigans saying sternly “Ted….enough!” all the while hiding the smirk that was lurking around her lips.

In actual fact, the radio announcer who I mentioned in the beginning of my blog – Spencer Howson – is another interesting character. I have had some email contact with him in the past and he has been very gracious in reading one of my emails on his radio show. I was pretty chuffed about that as it was quite long!

He is a person who is on to every new thing going on, and comes up with lots of nonsense and things of no consequence. That is why Geoff and I like his breakfast show. I think I will have to email him to tell him about my blog. I may get another follower perhaps? I think he would like my blog  as his radio show is about NOTHING just as my blog is!

So much for the fun that greeted me when I woke this morning, always a good way to start the day.

And don’t forget about children being interesting and funny! You will find that children have some sort of earthy quality about them, saying outrageous or funny things – whatever pops into their heads at times. Why is it that once we grow up we lose that spontaneity? I suppose it is because we try to fit in, say the right thing, do the right thing etc. Sometimes, we need to remember to be playful and not take life too seriously. (Photo: here is our grandson Isaac – just having fun, he has the best giggle I have heard!)

This  is a good way to “fill your bucket” (as I wrote yesterday on my blog) by having some fun, just as I had this morning.  See what YOU can do  with two two twelve?

Pencil in the word FUN into your calendar on a regular basis and find something to do that makes you feel like a child.

Better still, find a child and have fun with him/her. Which reminds me, I have a Tea Party date with granddaughter Violet to celebrate the arrival of the new tea set with “real tea Grandma” said Violet when issuing the invitation.

Cannot wait little darling…