Hello all

When I woke this morning I was aware that it’s time for me to celebrate. I have completed my first month of blogging!

I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. Do you remember how I had the panic attack on about Day Four? It was the “what was I thinking day?!” Since then, I have not had one of those serious attacks again, but, as all of you reading my blog are taking this journey with me, I must let you in on the state of play.

It has been easier than I thought, but let’s get this straight, it is NOT EASY!! Regarding easy, in the movie “The Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher said to one of her ministers regarding a decision over the Falkland Island war: “just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean we should not take the hard option.”  And they went to war. Well, that’s how it is with me even though there is no war involved here! Well … perhaps the war of words?

Some days, it is just so delightful to sit and write. I wake up and I just KNOW what I am going to write about. Other days, (not too many of them) I sit at my computer and wait for the inspiration to come. It’s like the words I heard whilst watching the Beatrix Potter movie: “When you start writing, you have no idea where it is going to take you.” I can’t explain it but the writing has a life of its own!

It has been a wonderful experience and I do admit I am learning as I go. And I am not alone here either. I will explain. I am reading a book called “Deep Like ME” subtitled  “Another failed attempt to walk on water.” which I bought at the Christian bookshop yesterday when buying a calendar. I saw this light-hearted read on the throw out table. With a title like that, I had to have it! In the forward, the author Rick Bundschuh writes to say thank you to his wife and it reminded me of my own situation with Geoff. Rick says:

       “To my wife Lauren, who patiently lets me run ideas past her but will probably only read any final draft of a book of mine posthumously, I owe gratitude for her love and encouragement.”

Well, that’s how it is with my dear husband Geoffrey. I consistently run ideas past him and he gives me feedback and of course, provides much fodder for me because of his colourful country personality! But… ask him to read my blog and I watch his eyes glaze over and I can see a thought bubble floating from his head saying. “Oh no, not the dreaded reading of the blog surely?!”

So I am safe to say pretty much what I like. However, I am indebted to his love and encouragement this last month. I think he is actually shocked that I have written every day, as feel the same way also! But then again, I LOVE! And when one loves doing something I know for sure that it helps one’s wellbeing and whatever helps our wellbeing has to be good. This takes us to the subject of WELLBEING.

At this point, I am going to share with you, the drawing from my ‘Wellbeing’ calendar for February. This one is just delightful. On the heart is the word Friends. On the bucket it says: HAVE YOU FILLED YOUR BUCKET TODAY?

This leads me to ask the question of all: “Have you filled your bucket today?”  You see, we all have a choice how we fill up our bucket and what it is we put into our bucket. We  can choose between good or bad. Have you ever gone to say or do something when you knew you shouldn’t? Then, you throw abandon to the wind and do or say it anyway?

You are emptying your bucket of any of the good things you put in there. When you encourage others or do some good things for others or yourself, you glow with happiness. It makes you feel good because you filled up your bucket a little. All these things add up and fill the bucket right up to the top.

Now, we may have hard things happen to us on any given day as life is never easy but then we need to balance this by doing something nice for ourselves to put back into the bucket what we had to take out to face the difficulty. I know this sounds simplistic, but I love this analogy.

Think of the many ways that we can fill up our bucket. We certainly don’t need to spent time on the things that empty it as they will come whether we like it or not. So, let’s be proactive and breathe in the freshness of the early morning. Have a cuppa with a friend. Make that phone call. Go to the beach and swim. Make a list and fill the bucket.

I do agree with eight-year old girl Clare, who drew this picture, when she says underneath: my friends are always by my side when I feel down or lonely or when I am hurt or sick, which makes feel happy. So that’s why I drew my friends for wellbeing.”  They made her feel happy she said.

At this stage, I too am most grateful to my friends and to all of you ‘out there’ in cyberspace who have walked the journey with me during my first month. Thank-you. Here’s to the other eleven to come!

With that said, I will  take one step at a time and just face the next blog tomorrow.

And don’t forget to do something this evening to “fill up your bucket!” I’ve already filled mine by writing this blog…