Hello to Friday!

I’m not sure why but it seems there are an awful lot of birds chirping and whistling today in our garden.

Too much cheer for our dear 10-year-old Alice who has gone to the dentist with her grandfather whilst Grandma lazes around, much brighter, but with a little ‘dinosaur droop’ still remaining.

It has been wonderful to watch the girls with their grandfather ‘Bampy.’ I suppose it is always the woman who takes charge when child minding happens and the grandpa’s are in the background so now the tables have been turned. Things they criticise  YOU for, are now fine when THEY are in charge. It is so funny.

This makes me ask the question: are men really from Mars? More on that later.

Anyway, back to grandfathers for the moment. As Bampy took the two girls to the circus yesterday while I rested, they came back with wonderful tales that made my heart glad. The circus is called “Out of Africa” –  from South Africa of course. The only animals are Shetland ponies but this did not stop the girls from enjoying it.

10-year-old Alice thought it ‘AWESOME!’ Whilst 5-year-old Violet was wide-eyed with stories about the evening from fairy floss to the ponies, to a pretend gorilla, a girl with a hula hoop and a ride in a giant tea-cup at interval.

Geoff told me the stories in more detail this morning.  I must share two of them with you! The first involved an ugly ‘wicked witch’ whose ‘husband’ was trying to pay to make her beautiful. She (I think it was actually a ‘HE’) stood in front of them and Bampy could not help himself. He just ‘happened’ to blow the ugly witch a kiss and she promptly came to Geoff’s seat and sat on his lap!

Violet was beside herself with horror She told me later “Grandma, I think it was a man because she had a scarf on her head and I could see her shaved head underneath, Girls don’t have shaved heads!” Her eyes lit up as she said “Bampy, you ‘was’ kissing a man!!” Shock horror.

The second thing was that Geoff said to Violet after the circus: “Violet, will we run away to the Circus?'”Violet looked very serious and replied “But I can’t take too many clothes Bampy, just the one for the hula hoops and the one for getting lost in the jungle.” Apparently, there was a girl about 8 yrs old in the circus and Violet could see herself playing that part!

So there you have it, a lovely evening out with Bampy and he got to be THE special one and not me! It made me start thinking. I wonder how often us women thwart our men by taking charge and not giving them the chance to do something special on their own, with their children or grandchildren. Perhaps we need to step back sometimes?

This reminds me of something I saw on the ‘Today Show’ this morning when I was lazing around feeling bored. There was a discussion with two women and the male presenter. The heading said:


 Apparently, there was a study done with men to watch their reactions when they knew a woman was watching what they were doing or saying.  An incredible number of the men began to act ‘stupid’ as soon as the women began to watch.

To prove the point, they showed a well-known personality with Elle Macpherson the model. She was putting invisible zinc on this fellow’s face and bald head. He went red and then became a blubbering idiot!! I know that is strong language but it was embarrassing to watch. I bet he will hate himself if he ever watches that clip.

In actual fact, I do believe that men are far more complicated than that. Just because we do not understand them (and vice versa) we find it easier to say that men are from Mars (well, I do anyway!) Perhaps it’s just that men are very different from us. We want to understand them but….it isn’t easy.

So there folks. This is a blog just to get us thinking about our men. Let us find the answer for ourselves, to the question “are men really from Mars?” Perhaps we will be surprised to find that they are really no different from us after all. They just crave love and respect and understanding just as we do and we need to give it to them.

And it does not mean that we will always understand every single thing they do or say! But do we need to?

So, I am grateful today, to the man in my life who has pulled up the slack for me at the moment, taken Alice to the dentist (and handled it very well) and will probably now get me my dinner – with a smile.

Here’s to you Geoffrey….

Until tomorrow.