Hello all!

I do believe that all of us adults could profit by entering the world of the child now and again.

Do you think we have lost the art of make-believe? We get caught up in the stress of real life and forget to have fun. In fact, why do we want to watch ‘Reality Shows?’ Don’t we need an ESCAPE from reality?

Today also has been sheer escapism. I was invited to another tea party with little Violet. Only this time, there was a secret question to be answered before I was allowed my tiny teacup of tea! “Name a song that Michael Buble sings?” Now, I ask you, where in the name of goodness did a 5-year-old get this from? (Even her mother could not answer this one).

I took a stab in the dark. Didn’t Michael Buble have a Christmas Album out recently? So I decided to sing the answer: I’ll be home for Christmas…” Violet’s eyes lit up. ‘You are right Grandma!’ Phew, that was close.

But today I had REAL tea. I had put a tea bag in some warm water which made tea, well sort of…weak coloured tea that is. There was REAL milk. And REAL sugar.  All very important to Violet.  Again, I was aware of how easy young children are to please. And it was good for me to escape the mundane nature of life.

Thinking about escaping reality, I also watched ABC for kids with Violet, and saw that the Dinosaur called Toot had ‘dinosaur droop’. He wasn’t very well. He couldn’t TOOT because he had dinosaur droop in fact. How many of us have ‘dinosaur droop’ at one time or another? This is a good name for being out of sorts or feeling a bit glum, don’t you think? Time to have some special ‘droop soup’ is how his friends fixed him up. If only it was that simple folks!

Meanwhile our other grandchild, Alice, was on her Facetime on her iPod to a friend in Sydney and was telling her about our Goo making experience. I thought it was funny that Alice was telling her friend how to go to my blog and look it up.

Her friend did this and I could hear parts of the conversation when a loud voice came across saying “What!! You’re not making THAT! I have enough mess around this house without you making more mess!” So that would be NO would it? I asked Alice. Yes, I think so Grandma. The Mummy on the other end was not pleased! It seems I am now leading parents astray. Sorry ‘bout that Mummy.

Now to give you a snippet of my travels; this will be your quota of pure escapism for today. Yesterday on my blog we had arrived in Sopron in Hungary near the Australian border. I wrote in my Journal:

Monday 14th April 2008

“How surreal it is to plan a holiday overseas for months and months and then actually put a ‘face’ to the places one has been researching, like Sopron for example. It is another world for sure. A medieval world.

The people at Reception are about the only ones who speak English thank goodness. I have been practising my Hungarian with one of them, who gives me advice on pronunciation. We have said “kursurnum” (thank-you) to so many people today who have tried to help us that we know it well.

Getting on the local bus is an experience in itself as they are so old and rickety and the sights both on (flowering trees everywhere) and off the bus are very interesting! Everyone looks so glum. Shopping at the local Marche (supermarket) is tricky. As we have a full kitchen here we tried to buy meat for tea but they  it all came in big hunks, and as no one spoke English we had no idea what it was so we just brought Frankfurt’s and went home!”

So, despite limitations and frustrations which greeted us daily, it was still a very interesting town with much to explore in ‘the old town’ which was just delightful. We made friends with a Romanian/Hungarian woman who ran a Tea Shop and who spoke wonderful English. She became our port in a storm (with an excellent pot of tea) when we needed help. We also used the internet with a rubber keyboard with Hungarian lettering. You should try that sometime! It WAS a challenge. Everything about this town was a challenge.

Geoff managed to get diarrhoea and trying to get help at the Apocathary (chemist) was a nightmare. No English again and despite charades and rubbing his stomach and trying all sorts of things, Geoff took the antacids’ given him and left! Not much good for his diarrhoea however nut it was funny at the time.

Oh well, enough for today but let’s just say we did learn to love that little town of Sopron and were sad to say goodbye to it. But nowI must say goodbye myself at this point.

I do hope that this bit of escapism today has given you a chance to leave the ‘real world’ for a while and destress a little.

Until tomorrow…