Hello to all

Well, there is nothing like a family dinner to give one fodder for writing!

I awoke this morning with my mind buzzing with thoughts and ideas. And there was laughter too. I could hardly wait to get up and write my blog but there was one catch. I had made myself a promise (was this actually a New Year’s resolution perhaps?) to write nothing on this blog until I had achieved certain things in the morning. Yes, like cleaning up or washing or those chores that simply must be done or you will scream

Don’t you just hate it when you want to start something but you will not allow yourself to do so? Just as I was about to begin and I had completed all my chores, my husband called out (with a big sigh) “Is it morning tea yet?” The hectic family dinner had taken its toll obviously. Not to be daunted here I am ready to make a start at least.

Now where was I? Aah yes, the family dinner. The main part of the menu was a dish called KIBBI. Now, kibbi is the national dish of Lebanon and is made up of mince and buraghal mixed with special spices and ground onion which is baked in a tray and cut into triangles with pine nuts on the top.  

As my mother was the Australian born child of Lebanese parents, I make kibbi on any special occasion and have been doing so since I can remember. Even the in-laws have come to expect kibbi. Another dish is grape-vine leaves: vine leaves filled with mince and rice and cooked in plenty of lemon juice and garlic. Think of dolmades only smaller. This is another ‘must have’ dish at our family celebrations. For this reason, we have a grape-vine growing.

I know that all families have their own unique personalities and traits and my family is no exception. I feel so blessed to have had two children when they did not come to me easily and now into the bargain, I have gained a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law and three delightful grandchildren. How lucky am I?

And so the evening came to pass. Here is a snapshot of what transpired whilst we were waiting to eat and at least one photograph which begs to be shared.

  • My daughter-in-law had sent me a text the day before saying good-naturedly: grape-vine leaves please. When she arrived I handed her some grape-vine leaves (with the grapes attached) and said “Sorry, I had no time to make them, will these do?”  Laughter all around.
  • My son-in-law is playing cards on his iPod Notebook on the couch in between helping with the kids. He is in trouble for being unsociable.
  • My son is on his Blackberry in between chatting and chasing his two-year old.
  • The two girls are on the computer discussing dinner sets to buy (as you would)
  • My husband and I are in the kitchen getting things ready. There is lots of noise and fun and laughter. Offers of help have been made and sometimes accepted. Chaos reigns.
  • The kids have erected a lovely newly bought cubby house in the family room and suddenly we realise that a whole plate of kibbi has disappeared. When the cry goes up, a hand returns the empty plate from the door of the cubby house!  
  • My daughter begins to tell me the correct spices that should go into the kibbi and when I have never heard of them, she goes online to Google them. I have been making kibbi since I was a girl but I know nothing? Perhaps I have been duped?! Am I really part Lebanese?
  • During the evening, our son photographed  his two-year old on my computer and put this on FB (be sure to read the caption underneath!)





“After hearing his Grandma had just started her blog site, Isaac didn’t waste anytime starting his own…”

And so our family dinner is over and gone and we are all the richer for it. Richer for the interactions and the love and the care and for being together and for the sharing of a meal. We are grateful that finally, after 12 years away, my daughter and children are making their home in Brisbane whilst her husband is posted overseas (in the army) for two years.

Yes, I realise as I write, how much I have to be grateful for and I thank God for giving me such a rich full life. Let us show some gratitude today folks for all we have been given. Sometimes, it is nice to be reminded.

PS. Before I close, I must thank one of my friends who told me she would be following my blog for the whole 366 days. Of course, it is a Leap Year! Thanks Moira.