Hello all

I have survived my first post!

I am so pleased I have made a start and can hardly believe I was brave enough to click on the word ‘PUBLISH ‘ and send my first post out into the world. The birth has begun (to understand you will need to read my very first blog for Jan 1).

Thank you to the people who sent me feedback via Facebook and on my blog. It was much appreciated and gave me a whole heap of encouragement and a lot of joy. However, you are free to disagree if you so desire. Did I just say that? Oh no, I did, but I think I will leave it here to see what will happen. It certainly makes for an interactive blog.

I must say that as I approached this second blog, I was more nervous than when I was writing the first blog! In fact, I feel a little bit like Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the best seller “Eat Pray Love” (also a movie of course) which became so well-loved that she didn’t know how to begin the book that followed. Oh Liz, I think I know how you feel, only on a far more minute scale. Far be it for me to think I can be another Elizabeth Gilbert (although the money would be nice).

The next book Elizabeth wrote was on marriage and she said she wrote it because she needed to write it for her own sake and because of her inability to make a second commitment. Many were disappointed by it as it was nothing like Eat Pray Love. I was not disappointed however, by Elizabeth’s next book (Committed) because she is such an informative writer (try reading her first book The Last American Man –an excellent non-fiction work) and I actually found Committed t helpful in looking at my own marriage! An unexpected result I must say.  

Yes,  even after 40 years of marriage one needs all the help one can get.  So those of you ‘out there’ that have not been married long, mark this in your diary to refer back to later. The thing is, the partner may be a good person; they are not harming you or doing anything too terrible. No, they may just be driving you crazy! Especially in retirement; if you are younger, change that word to ‘on holidays’ or ‘on weekends’.  Now I know why patience and tolerance are called ‘virtues’ because they are. And now I know why St Paul said LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND – because it is. Now, I never said that it would be easy so hang in there!!

On another note, I need lunch and my family is coming for Mother’s cooking tonight, so my blog for the day must come to an end. Talking of endings, it reminds me of something interesting I picked up yesterday whilst watching the end of a series called “Beachcomber Cottage”. It was about a marine biologist who lived on the wild west coast of Scotlandfor six months as a Crofter. During his last week, he was intent on spending no money in the local village and using up his last resources, so he lived on catching fish; he bartered eggs for cappuccino and ate turnips and potatoes from his garden when he couldn’t  bear to slaughter his pigs or his chickens (yes, he was a big softie).  As he was leaving Beachcomber Cottage he said:

            Sometimes you get what you WANT

            Sometimes you get what you NEED

             And sometimes you GET WHAT YOU GET.

His idea was to make the most of whatever came his way – whatever he got. I will leave you with that thought. Isn’t life a little like that at times?

Signing off until tomorrow